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About Us
Charles Schober Company was established in 1892, and has been a family business since that time. We believe that a good business does not spring up ovenight, but grows slowly, because it is rooted in the solid ground of customer satisfaction. That's why all orders are important to us. It is our hope that we can grow together in business and friendship.
Company History
Charles Schober Company was founded in 1892 by brothers William & Karl Schober. During the following years the brothers plied their trade "Basket Weaving" selling their own hand-made baskets, produced in their own homes. By the fourth year the brothers went their own ways, William to orchard farming in South Jersey, and Karl continuing with the wicker business. Charles Schober Company went through troublesome times of the Cleveland Panic of 1890, World War I years of tribulation in 1917-19, and the Great Depression of the 1930's, into World War II, with its shortages and controls. In spite of all the setbacks, the company prospered. Charles Schober Company adhered to its motto "The Best Merchandise at the Best Possible Price". Charles passed away on October 1, 1942.

With the death of Charles, his two sons, Alfred Sr. and Rudolph, continued to operate the business. They carried through the same traditions as their founding father.

In 1956 the partnership was extended to include Alfred Jr., a third generation Schober.

Alfred Sr. retired in 1958. Moritz Saionz, a longtime employee, became partner in 1959 with Rudolph and Alfred Jr. Rudy retired in 1967.

In 1972, Simon Saionz, son of Moritz, became an employee, and in 1976, he joined the partnership. The firm became a corporation in 1979.

A 4th generation Schober is now part of the firm. Richard, son of Alfred Jr. Rick became an employee in 1976 and in 1982 joined the corporation. More of the fourth generation have since entered the employment of the company: Bill in June 1982, and Tom in 1986. Both are also sons of Alfred Jr.

Moritz Saionz passed away in August, 1998. Alfred Schober Jr. retired in December, 1999.
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